Our mission


Taking communication seriously

It is our mission that communication as a discipline, will be taken just as seriously as any other corporate disciplines. To achieve this, we aim to assist communication professionals by giving them valuable insights into the results of their work and enabling them to share these outcomes in a professional manner.

Pro-active contribution to professionalisation

We want to do more than just doing a good job for our clients. By being a member of various organisations including Logeion, organising thematic meetings in our own pub and especially by means of our own research and articles, we aim to contribute to the further professionalisation of the discipline of Communication.

'Winterborrel Jong Logeion' in our Pub, December 12, 2013

Staff development (Staff training and development)

We are curious and eager to learn. Our employees take several courses within and outside the organisation, for example at AMEC, Logeion or at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.