17 Jun

Publistat rewarded with two AMEC Awards

Placed on Friday, 17 June 2016 by Super User

During the Global AMEC Summit in London, an international professional jury rewarded Publistat with two AMEC Awards for International Communication Effectiveness. The awards were announced during the Awards Dinner and are regarded as "the Oscars" in the field of professional evaluation of communication campaigns and strategies.

Publistat has won the two AMEC Awards for the evaluation of the PR campaign by Stichting Straatnieuws Utrecht, concerning the interview of homeless vendor Marc Nijholt with Pope Francis in October 2015. Publistat has won the second prize (Silver) for 'Best Measurement of a not-for-profit Campaign' and the third prize (Bronze) for 'Best use of Measurement for a Single Event'.

For the evaluation, Publistat analysed more than 600 items on news sites, in print media and on radio and television from 93 different countries. In cooperation with Straatnieuws, not only the outputs of the campaign in the media were analysed, but also the outcomes in terms of sales figures. This makes the evaluation an example of a new way of measuring according to the Barcelona Principles 2.0, in which media coverage is not expressed in terms of PR values but in which PR and media coverage are linked to the effects on target audience and organisational goals.

Jan-Willem Wits commissioned the research project. Wits: "By giving us 45 minutes of his time, Pope Francis has changed the lives of thousands of homeless people around the world. Not only have they experienced an increase in their earnings, they have also shared in the proud feeling that an ordinary street paper got to do an interview any journalist would kill for. The most important thing is the Pope's message: when you see a homeless person, don't look away but reach out and have a chat. Publistat's research has given us hard numbers showing the effects of the interview. This is not just nice to know, but also very helpful in approaching other world leaders. Publistat has clearly demonstrated the effects of doing an interview with a street paper, which enables us to show any celebrity the ROI of giving Straatnieuws just a snip of their time." Earlier this week, INSP News Service awarded the Utrecht based newspaper for the homeless the Special INSP News Service Award for most striking editorial contribution. The interview with the pope was published by 62 street newspapers, in 27 countries.

Publistat director Jeroen Scholten is "extremely proud" of being rewarded with this award. "This is the first time a Dutch agency brings this prestigious award home. It's about a unique case: hardly ever does a Dutch news item causes such an international media storm. Our research report connects the publicity to very concrete and measurable results. As a consequence, measuring free publicity becomes less simplified. The time we counted square millimeters to come up with the advertisement value is behind us. We do not just measure the readership, but the effects as well. And in this case for a charitable cause.

Publistat has conducted this research pro bono, in cooperation with Jan-Willem Wits. GlobalNews Group, Clipit, Zoom Media and Media Distillery also helped by collecting the international media coverage of the PR campaign for free.

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