Media monitoring


Grip on publicity

Using news overviews, dashboards and analysis, we provide a comprehensive overview and insight of your publicity in all possible sources, including print, radio, television, online and social media; from national and international sources, tailor-made and without noise.

One Stop Shop

When creating an integrated monitoring system consisting of online, print, social media, radio and television we ensure our clients are involved. We are independent and so choose our suppliers depending on the needs of our client. Important considerations are: size of the client (due to copyright), the need for original formatting, time of delivery et cetera.

Done by trained analysts

Monitoring needs to be done by people. Suppliers who work with automated search queries are not always able to select the right clippings. As a result, clients receive a lot of irrelevant clippings while important fragments are missing, or clients only receive plain text when original formatting is important.

Tailor-made alerts

Because we know what is relevant, we will make just the right selection. We filter and cluster the news so that the layout of the alert is clear and comprehensive.

Desktop and mobile

Our alerts are suitable for all devices.


For large groups of recipients with little time, summaries can be a good solution rather than receiving entire texts of news items.

As early as possible

We regard it as a challenge to deliver your news as early as possible, usually around 7 AM.

Multiple updates during the day

Some of our clients prefer a different frequency, for example twice daily or weekly. When desired, we can also provide continuous monitoring.
Read more about Live Monitoring.

Also during weekends

We are open on working days and Saturdays. 

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